aka Speedy/スピーヂ

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  • I live in USA
  • I was born on January 7
  • My occupation is 歌い手、作詞家、professional weeb
  • I am androgyne, trans masculine, non-binary or whatever the heck I am
  • Bio Just another user passing by
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I don’t edit much here, but when I do edit, I’m normally just: “Admin’s Little Helper” or some shit. I am a moderator, so if anyone is misbehaving and the admins aren’t available, let me or BSK know, we can handle it.

Artists on This Wiki that I Dislike/Hate

Artists on This Wiki that I Like/Love

Fun Facts About Me~

  • I have a YouTube channel where I sing covers of Vocaloid songs. I occasionally do anime, video game, or other songs as well. The channel name is Speedyblue. Be Warned: My singing sucks, but since I’m a YouTube singer, I can’t be on this wiki.
  • I like the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Except the games that are bad.
  • I tend to swear more than I should.
  • I’m taking Japanese and Korean. My skills in both are awful.
  • I am the only staff member who is non-binary.
  • I’m a huge weeb lol.

Songs On This Wiki That I Unironically Like

  1. Swish Swish (although the music video fucking sucks ><)
  2. Bitch Lasagna (not the original, but this remix)
  3. God is a Woman (not my favorite Ariana song but it’s passable imo)
  4. Love Yourself (it just calms me)
  5. Side To Side (only thing that bothers me about this song is the context...but it sounds nice imo)
  6. Mi Mi Mi (it’s just a fun song imo...but the music video scares me...)

Need to Talk to Me Privately?

Contact me on Discord at SpeedybakaP#4672! I am friendly to talk to and I don’t bite!

Meme Collection

News 69 (does contain content not recommended for those under 13)

Fukase feat. Rin and Len Kagamine - In My Feelings

Fukase - Jump in the Caac (does contain content not recommended for those under 13)

Len Kagamine feat. Rin Kagamine - Jump in the Caac (does contain content not recommended for those under 13)

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