Crucified (real name and birth date unknown) is a chopper rapper from New Braunfels, Texas. He is part of the chopper rap genre, which involves rapping lots of words ridiculously fast.

Why He And His Songs Sucks

  1. He raps so fast that it is literally impossible to know what the hell he's actually saying without looking up the lyrics!
  2. Not helping with WIS #1 is that most of his songs don't even have any lyrics at all because of that!
  3. To make matters worse, he also mumbles a lot in most of his songs. As a result, he is not officially recognised by Guinness World Records as the fastest rapper ever as one of its criteria is to have audible lyrics that can be heard and are easy to understand at fast speeds.
  4. He also ruins most of the songs that he is featured in with his ridiculously-fast gibberish.
  5. Even if his songs have lyrics, they're really dumb and have no meaning due to his aforementioned rapping speed.
  6. All of his albums have really dumb covers.



  • Remember the Name (2009)
  • The Birth of Tragedy (2012)
  • Sing to the Morning Light (2014)
  • The City Will Crumble (2014)
  • Water to Wine (2017)

As featured artist

  • Brainsick 1.0 (Twisted Insane feat. Charlie Ray, Z (of Firing Squad), Hurricane, Troll, KD the Stranger, D-Loc, Mr Dos Muchos & Crucified) (2013) (from The Insane Asylum)
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